About gitstore and github

Discover everything you need to know about gitstore and github; essential tools for software creators with more than 25 million users and enables these professional engineers to improve workflow and support collaboration provided by other programmers.

What is gitstore?

Its “store” mode represents a credential storage system inside a plain text file on disk; with the advantage that this valuable information never expires.

In other words they will stay on this online host until their password is changed within the git host; with the advantage that it will not be necessary to write your credentials again; because it is simply a place where they will be stored.

Git in this sense is an assistant that will store your passwords unencrypted on the disk, which will only be protected by permissions of its file system and with access to them through the git-credential-store, where they remain hosted so that it is possible to use them. in future programs.

The main objective of its use is to simplify the writing of the username or password, with which time is saved and the tasks of a programmer are facilitated.

What is Github and how to use it?

It is a widely useful tool for software engineers; With them, work is simplified and takes advantage of the collaborative work of several programmers at the same time.

Github hosts more than 100 million repositories, which are mostly projects created through open source; which makes this tool one of the most popular for Git GUI users; which is on the other hand used by professionals in charge of companies like Hostinger.

Following this order of ideas, Github can be defined as a platform for managing and organizing work based on material hosted in the cloud, to which control functions for all versions of Git are added.

Github users in this sense have accessibility to track and manage all the changes made to a source code in real time; in addition to the functions relevant to Git.

Its interface is versatile and accessible even for people with little or no technical knowledge; which undoubtedly makes the projects carried out by several members at the same time flow.

You can try Github for free on your computer; taking advantage of its basic plan, which includes 500 MB of storage space and the participation of unlimited collaborators in addition to many repositories.

To have all the functions of Github it will be necessary to contract a payment plan.

Now, once you determine which plan interests you; It only remains for you to complete the registration process, entering the information requested and start immediately to explore its wide range of functions.

Among them you can create your own Github repository, branches, understand its commits or the way saved changes are identified. Plus create pull requests to start joint project work and more.

Although Github is a well-known tool within the field of software engineers, it is useful for a wide variety of industries or companies that work with projects whose files can be managed through this type of service.

To give you an idea, for example, teams that develop marketing projects or content jobs such as freelance creatives can be cited, in case they need to carry out their work in collaboration with other people.

You don’t have to be a programmer, developer or necessarily know how to use code to enjoy Github’s functionality, it’s simply a version control platform that can be used in different ways.

Undoubtedly, programs like GIT offer countless tools and resources that are worth knowing to take advantage of them. If you want to be aware of the news that arises every day in the world of technology, do not miss the publications that we share on our blog.