Tools to create online applications

There are different tools to create online applications; especially those intended for mobile devices, the best of which is that it is not necessary to download them to access their functions, information and complete management; discover this wonderful technological world at the reach of a click.

What is a tool to create online applications?

These are online programs that you access for the purpose of designing, creating, and running applications that you bring to life.

They simply have a platform where they put at your disposal a tool such as Android Studio, Genymotion or Titanium SDK, among others that are essential to develop mobile apps.

Tools to create online applications

The list that you will find on the internet is extensive, relative to programs to create apps; although in this article we will not focus on those for Android, precisely because it is one of the most used operating systems in the world.

Many developers have discovered that Android is a system that has a 70% market share porn like cum swallowing and therefore it is ideal for them to promote their applications and games; taking advantage of some economic benefits.

Google offers a wide facility for many users to upload the applications they have created; through online tools such as the following, which are both very complete and professional:


It is identified as the Google programming IDE, under the Android operating system; which in turn is based on Eclipse and includes brunnete porn everything you need to program in both Java and C++ where, on the other hand, it has an interface design to shape your apps by dropping and dragging elements.


If you want a tool to create multi-platform online applications compatible with Android, Xamarin is the one, it was created by Microsoft and is a complement to the Visual Studio suite.

Although it should be noted that it is designed to be programmed exclusively in C#.


It is an IDE forerunner of Android Studio and allows you to program for several operating systems at the same time, in addition to being able to translate your created app into several languages.

However, it is not officially mexican porn supported by Google and even though you will create your app in the same way, its development may be slower than with other similar tools.



It is chosen by all those who want to create games instead of an application; This IDE allows you to do it more easily than with Android Studio.

It should be noted that games are created in both 2D and 3D, through programming based on JavaScript or, if you prefer, in C++ through an infinity of tools and resources.

Visual Studio Code

For those looking for a basic IDE in Visual Studio Code, they will find it, it is simple and intuitive; It has a Microsoft text editor, open source and compatible with all types of programming language.

Through plugins, it supports the customization and adjustment of required functions; you can also apply Android extensions to download and install everything you need to create your apps.


This IDE is one of the best you will find if you are looking for tools to create online applications; It is recommended for Basic programmers, since their Android apps programmed using this language, when compiled, adapt directly to the SDK corresponding to the operating system.

Creating Android apps, although in most cases basic knowledge of programming is required, it is not always mandatory, because on the internet you have different intuitive platforms that tell you step by step what you must do to bring your projects to life.

Among other recommendations, we suggest you try ScoreApps, a tool within which your applications are practically generated automatically, without you having to program, something really incredible.