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Latest Release - 0.7 8th September
Squash and update

Squashed all commits in to a single commit Fixes a lot of issues.

Installation Of The Initial Archive NZ$50 once off
This is a one time support action, where I will help you set up the site and archive bot to a new server. After this, you're on your own. Any questions etc. are not covered in this plan
Support, Updates, Maintenance And All NZ$25 per month
I will make sure you get the latest updates to the bot, reply and if needed implement your change requests and help you set up.
Rolling Updates NZ$15 per month
Access to every update I make and the option to ask for changes. Not including ongoing support
Issue Support NZ$5 per month
This plan will get you help and responses to changes or issues. It will not update you to the latest release with changes, unless you explicitly ask for me to give you the latest release. Nor will it update your installation automatically.

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