OwenMelbz/forged-ui By Owen Melbourne
⚒A customisable Forge UI for your desktop.
1.0.6 (Beta Release) 18th March

Download prebuilt binaries: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/13tpNDt3S7-J0Uu1Ns2YRMSLr-exv5ZHA

Full instructions and guides: https://github.com/forged-ui/support/

Standard + Lifetime Updates £10 once off
Same as standard, but lifetime access to the repo for future updates.
Standard + Lifetime Updates + Donation £20 once off
Same as lifetime! But sharing a little extra love with a donation ❤️
Standard + 1 Year Of Updates £5 per year
You'll get access to the GitHub repo which has access to all the latest code. You'll be able to compile your own releases, modify as you see fit. Have access to email support for feature requests and bug fixes.