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Getting started

To run this project on your machine, you have to install Docker and Docker Compose.

After you have cloned this project to your machine:

  1. cd to the root directory of the project
  2. Run docker-compose pull
  3. Run docker-compose up -d in the root of this project.

Then go to http://localhost in your browser and you should see the homepage.

Go to http://localhost/admin-area/ to visit the Admin area. Here you can log in as user admin with password test.

In the Admin area you'll find a list of (fake) Leanpub invoice IDs, which you can use to sign up on the homepage as a regular user.

This project uses Mailhog to catch outgoing emails. Open http://localhost:8025 to take a look at the emails that were sent by the application.


If Docker says something like: "Bind for failed: port is already allocated", then you have another service running on your machine that listens to port 80. If you can, shut that service down, or else: modify docker-compose.override.yml and choose a different port for the nginx service, e.g. change the value under ports to - 8000:80.

Removing the project

If you no longer want to have this project installed on your machine, run docker-compose down -v --rmi all. Then you can safely delete the project directory.

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