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This is a repository of tools used for financial and statistical analysis.

This repository leans heavily on Python. Please refer to for download instructions. This is the download for Git: Please review this introductory video on Git so that you have an understand of the technology. Send any feature requests to and it will be added to the development workflow. Email or text 267-884-3181 directly with questions at any time.

Current functionality includes:

Stable Services (_Stable Folder)

  • Display historical stock prices for specific stocks based on tickers
  • Review the sentiment of any JSON file via the sentences or individual words
  • Moving scraping data from the web and writing it into a CSV
  • Analyzing Twitter Sentiment Templates (_Templates)
  • Move and update cells in a Google Sheet file
  • Various Examples of SQL statements that can be used to create or destroy tables
  • Receiving predictions from an already deployed AWS SageMaker ML Model Examples
  • Various SQL Examples that can pull data out of a source system if configured properly Unstable
  • These are work in progress scripts that need additional work to finish


  • The master branch is locked, therefore you cannot edit it directly.
  • In order to participate, you must submit features, fixes, or changes at least once per month.
  • Submissions are done via pull request (, and are then reviewed by the repo owner.
  • Contributors can only be added after repo owner approval.
  • Code submissions should be commented, if something is not commented or you need assistance, reach out to the repo owner.
  • No personally identifiable information within the code itself. This includes keys, credentials, passwords, etc.


  • When making additions, make sure to check out your branch locally using 'git checkout -b [NAME OF YOUR BRANCH]'
  • Upon completion of your branch, either submit a pull request (documentation above) or reach out to the repo owner and they will integrate it.

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