OFX Parser

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OFX Parser is a PHP library designed to parse an OFX file downloaded from a financial institution into simple PHP objects.

It supports multiple Bank Accounts, the required "Sign On" response, and recognises OFX timestamps.


Simply require the package using Composer:

$ composer require asgrim/ofxparser


You can access the nodes in your OFX file as follows:

$ofxParser = new \OfxParser\Parser();
$ofx = $ofxParser->loadFromFile('/path/to/your/bankstatement.ofx');

$bankAccount = reset($ofx->bankAccounts);

// Get the statement start and end dates
$startDate = $bankAccount->statement->startDate;
$endDate = $bankAccount->statement->endDate;

// Get the statement transactions for the account
$transactions = $bankAccount->statement->transactions;

Most common nodes are support. If you come across an inaccessible node in your OFX file, please submit a pull request!

Fork & Credits

This is a fork of grimfor/ofxparser made to be framework independent. The source repo was designed for Symfony 2 framework, so credit should be given where credit due! Heavily refactored by Oliver Lowe and loosely based on the ruby ofx-parser by Andrew A. Smith.

Made by Jason, Chris and Shawn

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