A decent PHP Webflow client

Getting started

composer require gitstore/webflow

Basic usage

use Gitstore\Webflow\Clients\GuzzleClient;

$client = new GuzzleClient(getenv("WEBFLOW_TOKEN"));

$sites = $client->getSites();
$collections = $client->getCollections($sites[0]->id);

$operation = $client->createItem($collections[0]->id, [
    "name" => "A new item",

print $operation->wasSuccessful(); // true
print $operation->getModel()->id; // "5c7295..."

Check out the tests for more advanced usage.


We use this library for gitstore. We're serious about maintaining the quality and functionality, but we could do with your support. If you're a company who can afford to support the ongoing maintenance and improvement of this library, please consider doing so.


Reach out on Twitter.