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This is a community project and not an official Laravel one

What is Laravel Installer?

Laravel installer includes all installers from the official laravel repositories such as for:

  • Laravel
  • Lumen
  • Spark


To install the laravel-installer globally using composer, simply type composer global require fwartner/laravel-installer and you´re good to go.

Installation Note

Please make sure that you have removed laravel/installer from your global composer.json using the following command:

composer global remove laravel/installer

(This is only necessary if you have the official installer on your machine)


Open up your terminal and type laravel.


  USAGE: laravel <command> [options] [arguments]

  new:laravel    Create a new Laravel application
  new:lumen      Create a new Lumen application
  new:spark      Create a new Spark application

  spark:register Register an API token with the installer
  spark:token    Display the currently registered Spark API token


  • [X] Implement laravel installer
  • [X] Implement lumen installer
  • [X] Implement spark installer
  • [ ] Implement template installer
  • [ ] Implement dependency installer
  • [ ] Add tests

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Laravel Installer is an open-source software licensed under the MIT license.