Cognito Webpage Integration

This repo shows you how to integrate AWS Cognito userpools into your web apps for user registration and sign-ups.

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  • The serverless framework for creating the Cognito userpool.


Create a Cognito User Pool

We'll use the serverless framework to create the user pool for us. The serverless.yml file in the root folder has everything to create a user pool, configure a user pool client, create an SNS role and configure it's policy for sending verification emails.

To deploy, run the following in the folder container the serverless.yml file.

sls deploy -v

stack outputs

Tip: I also suggest creating the user pool manually, by using the AWS console, so you understand what's really going on. You can follow the guide here.

Update the config file

Find the cognito_config.js file in the js folder and update the UserPoolId and the ClientId with the stack outputs from the previous step.

update config

You should now be able to open the index.html file locally and test it out.


Live Demo:

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