Prop Types

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This is a PHP take on the ReactJS Prop Types checking. I made it because I wanted an easier way to validate the type and presence of properties in Phpx components.

Getting started

git clone
cd pre-prop-types
composer install
composer test

Defining types

We support most of the built-in types:

use App\Profile;
use Pre\PropTypes;

$profile = Profile::find(1);

$definitions = [
    "name" => PropTypes::string()->isRequired(),
    "age" => PropTypes::int(),
    "rating" => PropTypes::float(),
    "permissions" => PropTypes::arrayOf(PropTypes::string()),
    "thumbnail" => PropTypes::either(
        PropTypes::string(), // uri
        PropTypes::resource(), // file handle
    "profile" => PropTypes::objectOf(Profile::class)->isRequired(),
    "onMessage" => PropTypes::closure()->isRequired(),
    "isAdmin" => PropTypes::bool()->isRequired(),

$properties = [
    "name" => "Joe",
    "profile" => $profile,
    "onMessage" => function($message) use ($profile) {
    "isAdmin" => false,

try {
    PropTypes::validate($definitions, $properties);
} catch (InvalidArgumentException $e) {
    // ...handle the error
  • isRequired will ensure the value is present in the accompanying properties array
  • either allows one or more types (preferably two distinct types) for comparison

There are also variations on these:

  • PropTypes::array() expects any array values, without a specific type
  • PropTypes::boolean() is the same as PropTypes::bool()
  • PropTypes::integer() is the same as PropTypes::int()
  • PropTypes::double() expects double values
  • PropTypes::iterable() expects any iterable values
  • PropTypes::numeric() expects any numeric values
  • PropTypes::object() expects any object values, without a specific type

Validating types

We don't automatically validate props – this must be done by the consumer. And example Phpx render method demonstrates this:

use Pre\PropTypes;
use function Pre\Phpx\Html\render as renderHTML;

function render($type, $props = [])
    $props = (array) $props;

    if (class_exists($type)) {
        if (method_exists($type, "propTypes")) {
            PropTypes::validate($type::propTypes(), $props);

        if (method_exists($type, "defaultProps")) {
            $props = array_merge($type::defaultProps(), $props);

    return renderHTML($type, $props);