Instagram importer gallery

This javascript library will connect with the Instagram importer drupal 8 module and create a beautiful plug-and-lay gallery to your website.

How it works

  1. Enable the Instagram importer gallery module, available in the instagram importer module.
  2. Place this module inside your libraries folder, so that jquery.instagram-importer-gallery.js can be found in web/libraries/instagram-importer-gallery/jquery.instagram-importer-gallery.js.
  3. Download the PhotoSwipe library and place it in your libraries folder, so that photoswipe.js can be found in web/libraries/photoswipe/dist/photoswipe.js.
  4. Make sure you have imported instagram posts with the Instagram importer.
  5. Blocks of type Instagram Feed Gallery Block are now available to add to a region. In the block form you can specify which posts (from a hashtag or a user) should be shown.

Made by Jason, Chris and Shawn

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